Wizard Behavior Demo

Welcome to the Wizard Behavior Demo

Wizard Behavior is an extension for the Yii PHP Framework that simplifies the handling of multi-step forms. It features data persistence, Plot-Branching Navigation (PBN), Next/Previous or Forward Only navigation, optional step timeout, invalid step handling, save and recover wizards between sessions, and has utility methods for use in views to assist navigation; the demos below demonstrate these features.

The Demos

  • Registration Wizard »

    A Four step registration wizard.

    You can return to previous steps either using the "Previous" button or the menu; note that $autoAdvance===TRUE, so if you go back two steps the "Next" button goes to the first uncompleted step.

    You can save your registration by clicking the Save button, and then resume it later by going to the provided URL.

  • Quiz Wizard »

    10 General knowledge questions, but you need to be quick with your answers.

    This demonstrates the step timeout feature (you have 30 seconds to answer each question), and ForwardOnly navigation - you can not return to an earlier step even by manually entering the URL

  • Survey Wizard »

    A short survey about your pets that demonstrates the Plot-Branching Navigation (PBN) feature of the Wizard Behavior.

    PBN allows the wizard to present different forms depending on the results of previous steps; an "if this then that" mechanism.

    Give different answers to see what happens.

Note: No data is stored on completion of the Wizard's; they either display what you have eneterd, or in the case of the quiz, how well you did.

Download The Wizard Behavior and/or the code for this demo

The Wizard Behavior manual (PDF - 1.5MB)

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